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Allplastics Engineering stock a wide range of bulk plastic products and materials including polycarbonate resins suited for use in industrial and manufacturing processes.

Polycarbonate resins are thermoplastics with high-molecular weights that make them exceptionally resistant to a wide range of temperatures. 

The properties of the thermoplastic makes it particularly suited for use in the production of goods which require high temperature heating. 

Polycarbonate resins stocked by Allplastics Engineering are available in a variety of grades including: 

  • general purpose moulding or higher level extrusion grades 
  • flame retardant formulations 
  • grades which meet FDA regulations for food and medical applications 
  • blow moulding and glass reinforced grades for applications requiring maximum strength and stiffness
  • structural foam grades 
The natural resin version of polycarbonate provided by Allplastics Engineering is in a transparent form. The company also provides its polycarbonate resins in extruded sheets which are opaque. 

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