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New DeskGlue Technology available from Allplastics Engineering

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‘DeskGlue’ technology is a Europe developed cost effective glueing technique now installed by Allplastics Engineering  in Sydney.

“DeskGlue technology will allow our fabrication team to glue PMMA acrylic (Perspex, Plexiglas) without any preparations which means more efficient production results that are easily accomplished and perfectly replicable”, said Raffi Kalloghlian, Allplastics Engineering’s Production Manager.

Traditional glues are based on the glue’s characteristics and technical expertise of an operator and do not allow for consistent serial production. DeskGlue technology provides replicable bond strength equal to or exceeding the current glues.

The following applications could benefit from using glueing technology:

  • Glueing or laminating thick blocks of acrylic (100 – 150 mm)
  • Museum showcases
  • High gloss acrylic furniture
  • Point Of Sale displays
  • Light fixture
  • Artworks
All plastics Vic Kalloghlian takes note of the many benefits in the new glueing technology, “Most of these glueing application required a bubble free glue finish which is always subject to the operator’s expertise, this glueing technology will allow us to make these in a more consistent and cost effective way”.

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