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Aluminium compressed air pipes available from Allmach

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Aluminium compressed air pipe, available from Allmach , is a new quality aluminium compressed air system with a pipe size range from 25mm to 100mm and a comprehensive range of fittings and ancillary products.

The following are the specifications of the aluminium compressed air pipe:

  • Maximum service pressure: 16 bar and 13 bar from -20°C to + 60°C
  • Vacuum level: 98.7% (16mbar absolute pressure)
  • Working temperature: -20°C to + 60°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C to + 80°C

The advanced aluminium piping system is designed for both primary and secondary distribution systems used for compressed air and vacuum and inert gases, from smaller workshops to larger production centres.

The aluminium pipe guarantees a total absence of corrosion. The inner surface of pipes ensures good and constant quality clean compressed air continuously.

The aluminium pipe offers the following benefits:

  • Lightweight, easy to cut pipe material
  • Dismountable and reusable components
  • Quick assembly – no need to weld, glue or crimp
  • High flow rate performance
  • Ready for immediate pressurisation

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