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Synchro/Resolver to USB Converters supplied by Allied Data Systems

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article image SB-3660xUx Test System

Data Device Corporation represented in Australia by Allied Data Systems introduces the SB-3660xUx synchro and resolver to USB converters.  

The SB-3660xUx test system provides a USB interface to two channels of synchro and resolver conversion.  

Each channel can be individually programmed for input voltages from 0.3V to 90V RMS line to line in synchro, resolver or Sin/Cos format.  

The SB-3660xUx finds application in testing systems that supply synchro or resolver format signals.  

The USB interface and the wide input range make the SB-3660xUx ideal for test laboratories or technicians and engineers who have to service equipment in the field, on board ships or in aircraft.  

Key features of the SB-3660xUx test system: 

  • Synchro test system comes in two bandwidths that allow operation from 47Hz through to 10kHz
  • Low bandwidth from 47Hz to 5kHz and high bandwidth from 400Hz through to 10kHz
  • Accuracy is maintained on both versions at 1min +/- 1 lsb
  • Both units provide programmable resolution of 10, 12, 14 and 16 bits
  • In-built 2VA power oscillator supports 2-32 Vrms and 20-122Vrms from 400Hz through to 10kHz in 1Hz steps
  • Application for Windows or Linux supplied for user-friendly operation
  • Application allows users to display angle and velocity of both channels simultaneously, change resolution and bandwidth as well as set up the reference oscillator output
  • DLL supplied by DDC allows users to write their own software for their specific needs
  • USB interface
  • Includes 2 RD-19230 converters
  • 0ºC to 71ºC standard operating temperature
  • Incremental encoder emulation and velocity output

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