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Solid State Power Controllers (SSPC)

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article image Offer reliable I2T trip protection.

THE STAR series Solid State Advanced Remote Power Controllers (SSPC), available from Allied Data Systems Pty Ltd , offer reliable I2T trip protection, programmable current, instant trip and load detection status settings, while providing isolated control circuitry.

As replacements for circuit breakers, the STAR series of SSPCs are typically used in military applications for the management and control of power.

They are available in the Multi-Channel Power Controller Board (MCPCB) This is a DSP-based remote power controller that is intended for Electrical Load Management Centers (ELMCs) where there are high RPC channel counts.

The Multi-Channel concept uses Digital Signal Processor (DSP) capability to implement highly integrated multiple Remote Programmable Power Controllers (RPCs).

The DSP provides flexibility to insure maximum capability and safety. The MCPCB re-enables the RPC's to their previous state after loss of power.

The primary function of the Multi-Channel SSPC/RPC Board is to use on-board RPC and SSPC to provide remote control of +28V power to sub-systems.

The secondary function of the Multi-Channel SSPC/RPC Board is to provide operational status of the RPCs and SSPCs to the system controller.

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