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SecureStor 12 SATA with Dual SCSI or FC

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THE SecurStor 12 SATA subsystem combines either Ultra320 SCSI or 2Gbps Fibre Channel host channels with up to 12 serial ATA-II (SATA-II) drives in a single storage subsystem.

This provides users with massive storage capacity in a secure subsystem environment where a high level of data availability is assured.

Not only does the SecurStor 12 SATA subsystems come with fully featured RAID capabilities but special care has also been taken to ensure that all possible causes of data loss have been eliminated.

All of the critical components within the subsystem, including the power supply units and the cooling fans, come in redundant pairs and are hot-swappable.

Using the latest RAID processing technology and newest high-performance Serial ATA-II (SATA-II) disk, the sustained throughputs for SecurStor 12 SATA deliver 120MB/s sustained throughput.

The SecurStor 12 SATA subsystems are available from Allied Data Systems Pty Ltd .

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