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SCSI dual channel host adapter

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article image Supports up to 30 devices.

ASTEK'S A22320-PMC Ultra320 SCSI dual channel host adapter is ideal for workstations and servers needing a high performance boot volume and connectivity to legacy devices, tape backup, or external storage.

Available from Allied Data Systems Pty Ltd , the A22320-PMC features two independent Ultra320 SCSI channels allowing a combined throughput of 640MB/s.

With support for up to 30 devices, the A22320-PMC offers incredible flexibility in system configuration.

OS Independent Hardware RAID (0,1)/Integrated RAID provides the reliability and performance benefits of disk mirroring (RAID 1) and striping (RAID 0).

Integrated Mirroring (IM) provides data protection for the system boot volume by simultaneously writing redundant data across two to six disks.

Integrated striping yields enhance performance by aggregating the bandwidth of up to six disk drives.

Integrated RAID is OS-Independent and does not require the use of special device drivers.

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