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Resolver converter for automotive applications

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article image Includes resolution with accuracies to 8 arc mins.

DATA Device Corporation has released the ultra low cost RD 19240 14 bit converter designed specifically for automotive applications.

It is a programmable 10,12 or 14 bit resolution ASIC tracking resolver-to-digital converter and is available from Allied Data Systems Pty Ltd.

This converter offers off-the-shelf solutions for today's high demand motion feedback applications.

This ASIC converter features programmable parameters such as resolution with accuracies to 8 arc mins.

The converter may be configured for operation with a single +5Vdc power supply.

Programmable bandwidth for dual applications with a single converter and a velocity output used to replace tachometers may be scaled to a company’s application needs.

The velocity scale factor/tracking rate is programmed with a single resistor.

The optional internal synthesised reference feature eliminates errors due to quadrature voltage and ensures operation with a rotor-to-stator phase shift of up to 45°.

Inputs may be configured for resolver, synchro, LVDT/RVDT and dc SIN/COS.

The device’s resolution is 10, 12, or 14 bit; accuracy is to 8mins and tracking to 1152rps.

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