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PC/104-plus smart DSP analogue board

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RTD Embedded Technologies has released the SDM7540HR-1 and SDM7540HR-8 (with 1M and 8M of RAM) smart analogue modules.

Available from Allied Data Systems , the SDM7540 is a high reliability PC/104-plus module that has 16 channels of 12 bit 1.25MHz analogue to digital conversion with autonomous SmartCal, Bus Mastering and SyncBus and McBSP Serial Port.

The SDM7540 analogue module has the Texas Instruments’ TMS320F2812 DSP that performs analogue auto-calibration onboard, plus a 2K EEPROM to save/restore calibration values.

The SDM7540 analogue module self-calibrates in under 300m/sec, does not use any host resources during calibration and has the Autonomous SmartCal initiated by a single driver function.

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