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PC/104 compliant cpuModules available from Allied Data Systems

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RTD, represented in Australia by Allied Data Systems , offers low power PC/104 compliant cpuModules with the 333MHz and 500MHz Geode LX.

The low power PC/104 compliant cpuModules features up to 512MB of surface-mount BGA DDR SDRAM and one ATA/IDE Disk Chip socket for an on-board true IDE flash drive, which is natively supported by all major GPOSes and RTOSes.

New I/O technologies include two High Speed USB 2.0 ports, four BIOS selectable RS-232/422/485 serial ports and a multiPort with ESD protected Advanced Digital I/O (aDIO).

Non-volatile BIOS settings and storage of CMOS settings require no battery. An onboard PCI-to-ISA bridge provides a full 8/16-bit ISA bus with DMA and interrupts making this PC/104 single board computer compatible with any PC/104 interface.

BIOS Selectable multiPort
RTD’s multiPort with ESD protection allows the parallel port to be configured as aDIO, an SPP/ECP/EPP parallel port, or a floppy drive.

aDIO provides 18 digital bits configured as eight bit-programmable and byte-programmable I/O giving any combination of inputs and outputs.

Two strobe inputs latch data into the bit-programmable port and generate an interrupt or can be used as two general purpose digital inputs.

Match, event and strobe interrupt modes prevent wasting valuable processor time polling digital inputs. Interrupts are generated when the 8 bit-programmable digital inputs match a pattern or on any value change event.

Bit masking allows selecting any subgroup of eight bits. Custom aDIO features include Incremental Encoder interfaces or PWMs.

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