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DATANAS Director is Allied Data Systems’ top of the line NAS Filer in the DataNAS family.

It is powered by Intel Pentium 4 hardware, up-to 2GB DDR memory, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, real-time Anti-Virus scanning, Snapshot file system and auto-loader/library tape backup support.

The DataNAS Director can function as a stand-alone NAS Filer with up-to 4TB capacity per unit, or it can become a NAS header/gateway for up-to 22TB capacity total by attaching up-to 10 additional NAS RAID add-on volumes to the header. This unique feature is called SmartExtend and is based on iSCSI storage over IP technology.

Data storage/file sharing

File sharing has never been easier. The powerful yet easy-to-use graphical web interface makes it a snap to create and maintain shares and security.

Or use native operating system tools like Windows Explorer or the Unix/Linux command line to modify file security, it's all supported with no compatibility problems.

The device’s core focus is file sharing, so the specially designed interface removes all the unnecessary options that get in the way compared to configuring a complete operating system like Windows.

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