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CM-iVC3 Computer on a Module

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article image Based on the VIA Eden ESP processor.

COMPULAB has introduced the CM-iVC3, a new Computer-on-Module based on the VIA Eden ESP processor (commonly known as VIA C3) and the CLE266 chipset.

Available from Allied Data Systems , the iVC3 module's architecture addresses embedded applications requiring multimedia performance, making it an ideal selection for point-of-sale, gaming and entertainment machines, info-terminals and modern ATMs.

Compared with any other product of its class, the CM-iVC3 module is smaller, less expensive and has a better set of features.

The feature set of the CM-iVC3 module contains practically all of the components found in a standard desktop computer. It is based on the VIA Eden low-power CPU running at a clock rate up to 1000 MHz.

For embedded applications, the CM-iVC3 provides a Flash Disk, PCI and simple local bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, UARTs, I/O lines and many other essential functions.

For multimedia applications CM-iVC3 has a dual head graphics controller, MPEG decoder, video input, sound and touchscreen controllers.

The module is designed for attachment to a custom baseboard via three miniature 140-pin connectors.

Standardised CAMI pinout allows interchangeability with other modules available from CompuLab.

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