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CM-T3530 Small Computer-on-Module Boards from Allied Data Systems

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article image CM-T3530 Computer-on-Module Board

Compulab represented in Australia by Allied Data Systems has introduced the CM-T3530 computer-on-module boards designed to serve as a building block in embedded applications.

CM-T3530 computer-on-module board is based on Texas Instruments OMAP3530 processor, which combines two CPU cores in a single package: 

  • Advanced Cortex-A8 ARM CPU for running operating system and application code
  • TMS32064x DSP for dedicated video processing
Low voltage mobile DDR enables very low power consumption in regular operation as well as in standby mode.

For embedded applications, the CM-T3530 computer-on-module boards provide a general purpose local bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, serial ports, I/O lines and other essential functions while an integrated WiFi interface implements industry standard wireless connectivity.

Key features of CM-T3530 computer-on-module boards

  • Full-featured Computer-On-Module
  • Cortex-A8 OMAP3503 or OMAP3530 CPU up to 720 MHz
  • Up to 256 Mbyte mobile DDR
  • Up to 512 Mbyte flash disk including filesystem protection
  • WLAN/ WiFi 802.11b/g interface
  • Graphics controller supporting STN and TFT panels with 1400 x  1050 max resolution
  • H.264, H.263, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, JPEG, WMV9 and additional video codecs implemented by IVA2.2 Subsystem using TMS320C64x+ DSP core @ 520 MHz
  • PowerVR SGX GPU providing 2D/ 3D graphics acceleration with OpenGL-ES and OpenVG support
  • General purpose bus
  • SD/ SDIO/ MMC interfaces
  • Camera interface port
  • Sound codec with speaker and microphone support
  • Touchscreen controller
  • USB Slave/ Host/ OTG ports
  • Serial ports, GPIO
  • 100 Mbps Ethernet port
  • Very low standby and active power consumption
  • Tiny size: 66mm x 44mm x 7mm 

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