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Allied Data Systems offers CompuLab's new EM-X270 handheld product

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CompuLab, represented in Australia by Allied Data Systems , has released the new product concept of handheld computers for embedded applications. The EM-X270, the first product of the new line, is a full-featured computer board, designed specifically for handheld / mobile implementations. Available with an optional display, keypad and battery with charger, the EM-X270 offers a self-contained solution requiring just a case to create a final custom product.

The functional contents of EM-X270 are similar to the latest generation of pocket PC's and smartphones, including all types of wireless, satellite and cellular connectivity found in today's state-off-the-art mobile devices. Yet, it is designed to serve custom implementations, retaining the flexibility expected from an embedded computer board.

The feature set of the EM-X270 board combines a PXA270 CPU, SDRAM, Flash Disk, graphics controller, touchscreen interface, audio codec with microphone and speaker, SD/MMC socket, USB, serial port, GPIO's and a battery management system. On-board wireless interfaces include WiFi, bluetooth, GPS and a cellular Voice/GPRS modem. The last interface enables the device to act essentially as a customized cellular phone.

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