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Advanced Digital I/O Controllers available from Allied Data Systems

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RTD, represented in Australia by Allied Data Systems , provides a wide array of controller modules with aDIO (advanced Digital I/O), user programmable timer/ counters, PWMs, incremental encoders, MOSFETs, optoisolation, relays, high speed PCI FPGAs and ISA FPGAs.

The inputs are designed to protect the computer and the outputs to provide high isolation with high current and/ or voltage capability.

Digital inputs are opto-isolated or diode protected and the outputs are opto-isolated with relay contact or MOSFET. RTD’s FPGA modules provide user definable digital I/O configurations for maximum flexibility.

Advanced Digital I/O
The aDIO port provides bit-programmable and byte-programmable I/O enabling any combination of inputs and outputs. The match, event and strobe interrupt mode prevents the wastage of processor time polling digital inputs.

Interrupts are generated when the eight bit-programmable digital inputs match a pattern or on any value change event.

Bit masking allows selecting any subgroup of the eight bits. The strobe input latches data into the bit-programmable port and generates an interrupt.

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