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Industrial equipment leasing with Alliance Equipment Finance

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For business owners thinking of acquiring heavy duty industrial and plant equipment with an effective life of greater than five years, a lease agreement from Alliance Equipment Finance may be the right finance solution.

An Alliance Equipment Finance lease provides greater value to clients who want to acquire equipment which has a long life and will not become obsolete after a short period of time, such as industrial and plant equipment.

Payments on an industrial equipment lease are made on a monthly basis until the end of the lease term. This means there is no initial capital outlay required and the customer can benefit from the equipment's usage, while their working capital is being saved for a rainy day.

At the end of the the industrial equipment lease agreement, customers have the option of offering to purchase the goods at a fair market price.

An equipment lease from Alliance Equipment Finance also makes the preparation of accurate budgets easier thanks to the fixed monthly payments. With a loan comes variable rates which make planning and budgeting very difficult. An equipment lease allows the customer to know exactly how much will be paid each month, thus making planning easier.

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