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New mobile stretchwrap machine

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ALL Tapes (NSW) Pty Ltd is the sole distributor of the new mobile stretchwrap machine, the Crab by Siro Technologies.

This is an innovative robotic pallet wrapping machine, which is popular and extensively used in Europe.

Simple to use and maintain, the machine replaces the labour intensified and back breaking work of hand stretchwrapping.

The Crab runs all day on 2V x 12V batteries. It is a simple machine that is easy to use.

One person can wheel the Crab around the factory floor because it is a portable stretchwrapping machine.

This robotic machine can be wheeled to the pallet instead of the pallet being transported to a stationary machine.

The machine can be programmed for the number of wraps required. Plus any extra number of wraps required top and bottom to secure the load to the pallet can be programmed and the machine left to circumnavigate the pallet.

This mobile pallet wrapping machine has replaced the labour intensified and physical effort of hand strechwrapping a pallet, saving backs and labour costs.

This new machine is fully manufactured by SIRO Technologies in Italy and very easy to maintain.

A demonstration of this automatic stretchwrap machine can be organized by a representative from All Tapes.

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