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Tungsten carbide tool applicator

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article image Keeps tools sharper longer.

TUNG-CARB (tungsten carbide applicator), the latest development in carbide tool technology, deposits a coating of titanium carbide or tungsten carbide, thereby greatly extending tool life and increasing cutting speeds.

The applicator is designed to deposit a layer of tungsten and or titanium carbide onto the wear surfaces of high speed cutting tools, dies, punches and various wear resisting components, without heating them.

The lightweight applicator may be plugged into any 240V ac outlet. It is held like a pencil and moved slowly back and forth over the surface to carbided.

The electrode vibrates 100 times a second while an electronic circuit in the applicator supplies and electric current synchronous with the vibrations.

When the electrode contacts the tool, a particle of tungsten carbide is electronically fused into the surface. For every micron deposited below the surface, an equal amount is deposited above the surface.

Objects to be treated have their wear life increased up 1000 per cent, it is claimed.

If the tool is recoated before all the carbide is worn off it is not necessary to resharpen the tool. In this way the tool may be used indefinitely without requiring resharpening.

Other metals such as gold, silver, nickel, copper, etc, may be deposited with the applicator for special purposes such as increased electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. All Purpose Abrasives 02 9820 1532.

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