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GMA SpeedBlast Garnet blast cleaning abrasive from All Purpose Abrasives

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The GMA SpeedBlast Garnet available from All Purpose Abrasives is a high performance general purpose blasting abrasive delivering efficient and cost-effective blast cleaning on most surfaces featuring medium rust or medium thickness coatings.

GMA SpeedBlast Garnet is suitable for a broad range of surface preparation applications in the oil and petrochemical industry as well as the building industry in addition to construction and maintenance work in various industrial plants and environments.

GMA SpeedBlast Garnet blast cleaning abrasive offers several cost saving advantages including fast cleaning rate and low garnet consumption.

GMA SpeedBlast Garnet helps achieve superior cleaning rate of 15-25m² per hour, up to twice the performance of conventional abrasives, with more grains per volume (typical 20 million grains per kg) of active abrasive particles impacting the surface.

Low consumption rates of 8-10kg/m² are easily achieved with the abrasive recyclable 4-6 times under normal conditions because of its superior toughness and low friability (7.5-8.0 Mohs). A 65% reduction can be expected in garnet consumption when recycling.

Additionally, SA3 White Metal is effortlessly achieved with the shape and size of the grains ensuring an even surface profile of 50-70 microns at 100psi at the blast nozzle.

Industrial applications:

  • Oil and petrochemical industry for work on pipelines, refineries and storage tanks as well as onshore and offshore installations
  • Construction and maintenance of chemical plants, power stations, mining and processing equipment, gas and sewerage plants, desalination and industrial plants
  • Building industry and structural steel construction and maintenance
  • Construction and maintenance of containers and tanks, tank trucks and rail tanks, as well as wagons and coaches

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