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Waste bins recycling services available from All Over Bins

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All Over Bins  is committed to the implementation of zero waste by 2014. Australia is one among the countries producing high amount of waste in the world (OECD 2002). In Australia, waste is generated at a rate of 2.25 kilograms per person per day, with the majority of which ends up in landfill (AGO 2004).

All Over Bins’ waste bins and skip waste bins that are in front of many homes and businesses in Melbourne and suburbs bring a large quantity of waste rubbish to All Over Bins’ recycling plant. All this waste has to go somewhere, at the moment most finishes in landfill sites. The problem is that it does not break down for many years and causes problems for future generations. In this case, out off sight out of mind, doesn’t ring true as the problem will come back.

In recent years, tonnes of construction and demolition waste are dumped into landfills; in fact 40% of fill in a landfill is from this source. Of this construction and demolition waste 86% is recoverable in the form of aggregate, the majority of which was used in civil projects such as road, footpath and bridge construction.

A product diverted from landfill is not waste anymore it becomes a valuable resource that can be recreated into new product in addition to protecting the environment. The energy, greenhouse gases and raw materials saved by using recycled resources is high, paper is a good example, for every ton of paper recycled there are 17 trees saved, 1500 litres of water and over 4000 kilowatts of power.

At the moment All Over Bins diverts 60% of the waste processed in its Bayswater site from landfill and in the future a purpose built waste transfer station will bring its target of zero waste in 2014 to reality.

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