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All Lift Forklifts provides tips on forklift hiring

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All Lift Forklifts  is a forklift rentals company specialising in diesel, electric, LPG and petrol forklifts for all applications including rough terrain, stock pickers, pallet movers, and forklift accessories.

All Lift Forklifts has provided tips for hiring forklifts.

When selecting a forklift for rental requirements it is important that the right forklift for the jobs at hand is selected.

All Lift Forklifts can help to determine the appropriate forklift for different needs. Getting clear on which forklift is suitable in the early stages saves time and money further down the track.

Things to think about:

Lifting height

Lift trucks are a safe and ideal way to lift products. How high the truck will need to lift (usually in metres) has to be known. It is a good idea to check door widths and heights too as some forklifts do not fit through standard doorways. Also check aisle widths and any overhead obstructions. Any other challenges has to be foreseen, for example, has the forklift got enough room to turn around?

Capacity / Truck size

In order to get the correct truck the maximum weight that is intend to pick up has to be known. This is vital to achieve the lift needed and to stay safe. Think about all the dimensions of what is lifted so as to determine the correct fork width and length.

Cushion tyre vs. pneumatic tyre

Think about the terrains that the truck will travel on - concrete, tarmac, gravel, grass, dirt, mud (building sites) etc. Cushion tyres are smaller and made of a hard rubber compound and are ideally used for hard surfaces, mostly indoor – these units are usually more compact and manoeuvrable. Pneumatic tyres are bigger and have deeper tread and better grip. They are ideal for rough surfaces and are generally used for outdoor – even wet conditions.

Where and how will the forklift be delivered?

Is the delivery point a loading dock with height or is there a ground drop – are there stairs, elevators – these all need to be measured.

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