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article image The Bo-Ema espresso machine

ALL Food Equipment is an authorised distributor of quality Bo-Ema coffee espresso machines and crown industries products.

Bo-Ema poses the question to customers whether they get what they pay for.

It proposes the solution of enlisting coffee companies with free machines, whereby the customer pays off the machine and the coffee company keeps it.

The price of the coffee may be inflated or the quality of the coffee may be inconsistent. It is impractical to keep a machine if sales are down.

Bo-Ema’s solution is to sell 20 cups of coffee a day, open 6 days a week and own a $5,000 machine package in under 6 months from net profits of trading - from them on all net profit stays with the business owner if they own the machine.

Regarding second hand machines, it pays to know the warranty and who will service it, plus whether spare parts are available and at what price. Fixing a machine from auction can make the machine dearer than a new one.

With opposition machines, the machine on offer must be capable of equal performance and have an equal guarantee of back up. The business owner must ask whether their offer is tied to another deal (e.g. coffee), and whether spare parts are readily available and accessible, and at what price.

Features of Bo-Ema machines include:

10 amp, I5 amp and 20 amp plug in convenience

High positioned groups for 'Muggaccinos'

Height adjustable legs with rubber footing

Large lid area for warming and stacking cups

Easy swivel positioned steam arms and extensions available

2 & 3 Group machines have 2 steam arms and alternative nozzles for frothing

The Volumetric models not only have a control box for each touch pad but also a separate control box for the override system

The Deluxe and Classic models have a catch tray under the lid

There is no easier machine to service

All Food Equipment has a comprehensive range of the best quality commercial catering, cooking and refrigeration equipment for the hospitality industry, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs, hospitals, retail fast food shops, sports & medical centres, resorts, kitchens and conference centres, etc.

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