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Ride rite system introduced by All Air Suspension

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All Air Suspension has introduced Ride rite system that can iron out difficulties presented by unevenly loaded vehicles, whether they are loaded with tools, equipment or 47 people.

The suspension normally employed in work vehicles such as utes, 4wds, vans and light trucks gives extra support to conventional leaf spring suspensions making the vehicle safer, keeping its cornering flat, its chassis level and the ride smooth and comfortable.

When All Air Suspension decided to turn a regular Toyota Coaster into an open-top party bus, the company’s challenge was to ensure that a vehicle designed to carry 22 seated passengers would now be able to hold 50 dancing ones all night long.

It was just one of those crazy ideas people have when they are up at the pub. The vehicle, which is used not on the road, but at shows such as the annual summernats car festival is owned by team Lorenzo Racing.

All Air Suspension found that once the bus was ready, complete with a dance floor and a spa bath in the back, they would need additional suspension support to accommodate the extra weight and to make the handling of the bus safer and easier.

There were 47 people on the bus. It was so full that they literally could not move. There was a lot more weight for the bus to support, so the Ride rite air helper springs installed by Pedders

Ride-Rite air springs make a big difference to the handling of the vehicle. They even everything out, so you do not get erratic braking. It makes the ride a lot better for and the passengers especially the ones who made full use of the spa bath.

Air suspension kits are available from Pedders through All Air Suspension in association with national distributor Airbag Man range from the simple but very rugged Firestone Ride rite air helper kits to sophisticated full air conversions also using Firestone air springs.

Firestone air springs used in Ride rite suspension systems are identical in construction to the airbags used under massive semi-trailers.

The Ride rite suspension has provided some obvious benefits and proven how diverse its applications can be. Air suspension has been an asset to safety, comfort, load carrying and maintenance.

There has definitely been a rising demand for air suspension from several different sources and industries. Ride rite suspension can be used on 4 wheel drives, utes, trucks, trailers, race cars, limousines and any other vehicle that carries weight.

Pedders’ customers include builders, mobile mechanics, electricians, plumbers and home services providers. Recent conversions have included 2wd utes (Falcons), 4wd utes, motor homes, F150s, Mercedes Sprinters, Series 100 Landcruisers and much more.

Not only do the Ride rite and full air suspensions give better ride and handling, but also their air springs can be inflated to different pressures to cope with uneven loads and varying weight distribution.

Using a simple tyre pump or compressor driven control kits in the cab, air can be added to overcome imbalance. Vehicle loading heights can also be adjusted with the suspensions being raised or lowered to match loading dock heights, for example.

The loading height adjustment can also be used to enable a vehicle to slip out from under special trays it carries for particular jobs but which it does not need to carry around all the time and waste fuel.

This inflation pressure flexibility can also be an asset when dealing with different ride surfaces ranging from roadway to soft, muddy and sandy.

Ride rite system can also be an asset when towing, which is an additional stress to which many work vehicles are subjected (including when their owners are on holiday, towing a boat or camping gear).

Ride rite springs can handle 0-7 bar (0-100 psi) and will support loadings of up to 1100kg each (subject to chassis gross vehicle weight limits). Ride rite systems are simple to install using ordinary workshop tools.

Pedders customers often comment that they should have done the conversion to air a long time ago.

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