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New Air-Rite cab controls give users safe and immediate suspension adjustment at the touch of a button

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A dual air control kit from Airbag Man, distributed in NSW by All Air Suspension allows users of leaf-spring equipped work vehicles to effortlessly adjust air helper suspensions to cope with different roads, loads and site conditions.

Air-Rite in-cab controls further enhance the usability and performance of a vehicle fitted with Firestone air springs located between the chassis and rear suspension of leaf-spring equipped vehicles. Made from quality Firestone components, the Air-Rite kit can easily be added to existing suspension products, or included in a full Airbag Man package.

Air-Rite in-cab controls kit features a 12V air compressor that provides up to 130 psi; a fitting kit with quick fit push-to-connect air fittings, easy to use electrical connections, fuse and holder, and cable ties; and a control panel with individual switches for dual control, dual needle gauge to monitor pressure, back lit capability and an easy install panel. 

The dual air control kit allows the user to individually inflate or deflate either or both of the two air springs at the touch of a switch without leaving the cab to cope with changing road, load and ride conditions. This allows for custom control of front to rear or side to side levelling, which the user can tailor to their specific needs from inside the cab, rather than having to go to the nearest service station or get out to use a compressor. For safety reasons, the air pressure must be adjusted when the vehicle is stationary.

All-Air Suspension General Manager, Mr James Maslin explains the Air-Rite kit is useful for a wide range of applications and particularly so for users with unique and uneven loads, where they are towing or where a flat and even ride benefits braking safety. If the load is all on one side, it’s easy to just push a button and give that side some extra height to compensate for the additional weight.

Designed as an additional upgrade to other suspension kits, including Ride-Rite for leaf sprung vehicles and Coil-Rite for coil sprung vehicles, Air-Rite kits increase vehicle stability, maintain correct vehicle height and reduce wear on the suspension by optimising its performance. The Air-Rite kits make suspension adjustment quicker and easier.

According to Mr Maslin, if the terrain changes or some of the load is moved or unloaded, the driver can cater to the changed conditions and instantly adjust the suspension from inside their vehicle, ensuring peace of mind.

Applicable to a large range of vehicles including commercial vehicles, vans, utes and trucks, the dual air control kits can be added as an upgrade to existing Coil-Rite or Ride-Rite suspension helper kits.

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