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Eurobodalla Shire Council uses Air Suspension Kits from All Air Suspensions

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article image Firestone Ride-Rite supplementary air suspension kits

Eurobodalla Shire Council, on the NSW South Coast, has introduced All Air Suspensions ' Firestone Ride-Rite supplementary air suspension kits in order to assist their vehicles with heavy and changing loads encountered during maintenance, construction and water services work.

Without the right suspension setups for heavy and varying loads, vehicles can experience a range of problems that can promise safety and can wreck the vehicle involved. Dave Shilliagnlaw, Eurobodalla Water Operator, uses the Ride-Rite air suspensions for his 4wd Holden Colorado to help improve safety and stability.

“We carry lots of different types of loads and tow heavy trailers too, with big generators for pumps and all sorts of different gear. The total loads carried from day to day are always going up and down, so you need to be able to adjust the suspension for the load,” says Shilliagnlaw.

“With the Ride-Rites, I can add air to keep the nose of the vehicle level  and the back up to the correct ride height – and even adjust it from side to side to account for uneven loads across the tray. You just have to pump in some more air or let some out – like you would inflating or deflating a tyre.”

Brad Constable, Eurobodalla Shire Council Workshop Supervisor, has found the Ride-Rite air suspensions particularly effective when used with the council’s weed spraying units, which carry 600 litre tanks. These weed spraying units experience wide variations in load from tank full to tank empty, and often have extendable booms and pumps fitted that can impose side-to-side stresses.

When fitted with Ride-Rite supplementary air suspensions, between the chassis and leaf springs, the air bags absorb the increasing weight loads that cause vehicles to sag or lean.  From adding or removing the air, the vehicle can maintain the same height under different load conditions, which helps offer ideal performance and safety from an empty load to full.

Ride-Rite supplementary air suspensions and full air conversion kits are available from All Air Suspensions and are easy to install and feature high quality Firestone air bags.

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