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All Air Suspensions expands its product range due to increased demand

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article image All Air Suspension has increased its range of supplementary air suspension products

All Air Suspension has recently experienced a growth in demand for its supplementary air suspension products for work and recreational vehicles. In response the NSW and ACT based distributor is set to expand its business with a greater range of air suspension products and kits and an enhanced delivery system.

The company has already more than doubled its warehouse and distribution spaces in order to stock a broader range of supplementary air suspension products such as Coil-Rite suspension kits for coil sprung vehicles and Ride-Rite suspension kits for leaf sprung vehicles.

The air suspension kits distributed by All Air Suspension have been manufactured by Airbag Man using Firestone air springs. The air spring kits are designed to enhance the performance and improve the ride, safety and durability of work and recreational vehicles carrying. They are particularly useful for vehicles with heavy and uneven loads and towing trailers, caravans or boats etc.

Mr James Maslin, All Air Suspension’s General Manager explains that “Demand for supplementary air suspension is growing because many people are finding that towing trailers or carrying uneven loads can distort suspensions, affecting braking, lighting and tyre performance.” It is not just the steering and braking that are compromised by load distortions. The chassis and tyres are also placed under immense pressure due to poor distribution of loads.

Mr Maslin tells that whilst vehicle suspension can be perfectly suitable for normal lighter service, this can change significantly when more heavily loaded causing “A bit of a trap for drivers new to towing, or carrying bigger loads.” With familiar vehicles heavily or unevenly loaded, the suspension needs to be correctly set up with supplementary air suspension products in order to avoid hazards to safety such as increased sway due to lateral forces.

Mr James Maslin says that “We are getting a lot of demand from groups as diverse as farmers and tradies who are carrying heavy tools and tanks, right through to government and private fleet owners wanting to improve safety. On the other side of the ledger, there are large numbers of campers, fishermen and grey nomads who are seeking to improve their vehicles towing ability and safety with air suspension products,”

Due to this growth in demand for Airbag Man products, All Air Suspension has expanded the range of Ride-Rite and Coil Rite kits that it stocks. The air spring suspension products have been specifically designed for a wide range of business and recreational vehicles, including light trucks, utes, 4wds, vans and towing vehicles. The All Air Suspension network also offers a service for full air conversions.

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