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Stainless steel shims from Aline Engineering

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Aline Engineering  offers wide range of pre cut stainless steel shims in 13 different thicknesses and 4 different sizes. The shims offered by Aline Engineering are organized, economic, fast and accurate.

The economic package has size ranging from .001 to .050 whereas the standard size ranges from .001 to .100.

Aline Engineering offers Hyatt 304 stainless steel shims in three convenient packages including efficiency, standard and economy packages. These shims are available in boxed sets of 20 shims.

Aline Engineering is fully supported with equipped engineering workshop facilities and also offers machinery and fitting services. Aline Engineering products can also be tailor made according to individual customer requirements and specifications.

Aline Engineering follows a certain code of ethics which includes promotion of goodwill and harmony among the industry participants, practice sincerity at all times, providing cost effective and practical solutions to the clients, keeping in touch with new technology methods and dealing with each client independently.

The laser alignment services offered by Aline Engineering aids in reducing energy costs and downtime periods. This system saves lot of time as no cross-checks are required.

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