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Australian Coal Handling and Preparation Plants increase productivity and improvesite efficiency with Alimak

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Due to increases in safety requirements, a number of existing Australian coal sites have conducted risk and hazard assessments on their Coal Handling and Preparation Plants (CHPP).

These evaluations have identified dangerous risks associated with stairs including the everyday use of stairs in all weather conditions and the probability of falls and chronic joint, knee and back injuries. The assessment also identified the need for emergency services when accessing injured workers on upper levels, and the difficulties in negotiating stairs when extract-ing injured personnel on stretchers.

The results have prompted CHPP site managers throughout Australia to consider the benefits of installing industrial lifts.

Working closely with a number of existing site managers and Engineering and Procurement Consultants, Alimak Hek has assisted in the design of new and existing plants to allow for the incorporation of an SE lift.

The design may require the removal of the original stairwell and a new stair tower to be built along with the addition of the tie-in supports for the lift and screening. Landing platforms may be installed to provide a clean vertical alignment, while the lift can be sunk into a below-ground pit to allow direct walk-in access.

The addition of the Alimak SE Series men and materials lift onto a Coal Handling and Preparation Plant has not only relieved management safety concerns, but has improved site efficiency and productivity Australia-wide. Alimak SE lifts may be used for the transportation of site personnel, tools and larger equipment, including trolleys, scissor lifts and mini-diggers, while also reducing the need and use of cranes on site.

Used routinely throughout daily operations and in heavy-use periods during plant shutdowns, the Alimak SE Series of Industrial lifts transports the equipment and personnel necessary for the completion of vital maintenance and servicing on Coal Handling and Preparation Plants, while reducing the safety risks associated with stair access.

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