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Alimak Hek improves productivity of Patrick's Port of Melbourne container crane

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The Patrick’s Port of Melbourne facility is responsible for the efficient movement of freight throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Located at Webb Dock East, the facility employs the use of a CM06 container crane fitted with an Electrotruck Easiriser industrial lift to move complex project cargo.

Following the closure of Electruck in 2001, Patrick’s Port have struggled to maintain the lift due to the unavailability of spare parts and the absence of manufacturer support. As a result Patrick’s Port turned to Alimak Hek for help.

Alimak were able to upgrade and subsequently improve the CM06 container crane by installing an Alimak SE500 FC industrial lift. Working closely with container crane specialists, Inver Engineering, the obsolete lift was completely dismantled and removed without causing disruption to the use of the container crane.

The addition of the Alimak SE500 has improved the efficiency of operations at the Melbourne facility, and relieved Patrick's servicing and maintenance concerns for the lift.

Alimak were also able to further their lift supply and installation expertise with Inver's experience in the difficulties of container crane lift removal.
Patrick’s Port were provided with Patricks with a single contract for the complete removal and installation process, combining the expertise of two companies, under the one contract, to achieve best project results.

The Alimak SE500 FC has been in operation at the Patrick Port of Melbourne facility, providing operators with vertical access to the container crane, since April 2010. This is now one of three Alimak SE500's in operation at Patrick's Port of Melbourne.

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