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Serial interface and parallel interface converters from Alfatron

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Alfatron  offers a wide range of ASeries products that include A400 series, A500 series, A516 series, A600 series, A700, A1000 series, A1400 series, A1600 series and A200 series. The A400 series models offered by Alfatron include A420, A430, A440, A450 and A451. A420 model of ASeries is a current loop interface converter consisting of optically isolated 20mA receiver and transmitter, line receivers and drivers to withstand 2500Vac for one minute, transfer data up to 64kbps, reverse polatity protection on power point, screw terminal block for 20mA interface and configure TD and RD loops as passive and active.

ASeries A440 model from Alfatron is a serial interface converter with bi-directional interface conversion in asynchronous mode and transient protection lines. The serial interface converter supports Xoff/Xon software handshaking, CTS/RTS and DTR/DSR handshaking. Serial interface converter features LED indicators, transfer data up to 64kbps and standard used interfaces.

The centronics parallel interface converter offered by Alfatron consists of microprocessor design working with parallel data, TD and RD LEDs and reverse polatity protection. Centronics parallel line extender from Alfatron is a reliable and fast port extension operating at 460,000bpsl and uses industry standard connector. These converters operate on 4 wires that include ground for reliable operation.

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