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In-line buffers from Alfatron

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The ASeries product range offered by Alfatron include A400 series, A500 series, A516 series, A600 series, A700, A1000 series, A1400 series, A1600 series and A200 series. The ASeries A1000a from Alfatron is a seriel parallel in-line buffer and interface converter with a standard DB25 female used RS-232 interface. The parallel in-line buffer consists of a standard 36-pin centronics female used parallel interface, software and hardware handshaking, optional string translation feature, reverse polatity protection on power input and RS-232 serial.

The uni-directional serial in-line buffer offered by Alfatron has independent output and input serial ports, RS-232 and RS-422 optional ports, transient protection on both serial ports, switch port as DTE or DCE, speed up to 115,200bps and generates output test data stream. The uni-directional serial in-line buffer from Alfatron has a watchdog timer reset circuit, data buffer up to 32Mb, hardware and software handshaking and optional string translation feature.

Centronics parallel in-line buffer from Alfatron is a super-fast throughput for output and input of data. The buffer size of this in-line buffer is 64MB and has a maximum dynamic buffer usage. The centronics parallel in-line buffer from Alfatron features LED feedback indicators, loopback self test, optional string translation and watchdog timer reset circuit.

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