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THE Packet-Master USB12 is a hardware USB bus analyser intended for development of low and full speed USB devices and hubs etc.

Available from Alfa-Tek , the device comes complete with their Windows application graphic USB for capturing and displaying every detail of the data interactions on a USB link.

Hardware features include:

* Power indicator

* Activity indicator shows presence of data exchanges

* Integral capture start and stop buttons and capture indicator

* USB through-connectors for device under test

* Analyses low speed (1.5Mb), full speed (12Mb) or a mixture of both

* Automatically detects speed of link under test

* Economically priced

* Fully lead free and RoHS compliant

* USB bus powered for convenience of use

* Optional external power input supply (not required, but useful if host won't configure a high-power device)

* High Speed USB (480Mb) connection to host PC

* Feature connector provides signals for oscilloscope or logic analyzer.

Software overview

The Packet-Master USB12 owes a large part of its functionality to the graphic USB application, which is supplied with the unit.

A simple, yet information-rich display allows users to view every detail of a capture.

Software features include:

* Capture controlled from Packet-Master USB12 unit or from graphic USB screen

* Captured document shows every detail of data transactions graphically for a fuller understanding of the USB protocol - this includes a detailed visual analysis of each packet

* Transactions are grouped and summarised with a header row in the event pane. Control transfers are summarised with a special header row

* Filters allow less significant information to be removed from the display to allow users to concentrate on the critical data

* Each event is analysed in detail, with any significant features explained, and possible errors or warnings highlighted

* Data pane shows the data content of any packet

* Events display can be printed

* Standard software up-grades are free of charge from Alfa-Tek’s web site

* Software can be freely used as a viewer in the absence of the analyser hardware

* A multi-document interface allows comparison between captures.

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