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Nine-bit voltage/current DAC

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GOAL Semiconductor, represented in Australia by Alfa-Tek , has released the HVDAC 200 digital to analogue converter (DAC). It combines four serially configurable, high-voltage, nine-bit voltage/current DACs in a single package. The supply operating voltage range is from 20V to 200V.

Users can select from two maximum current ranges 500µA or 5mA. Current output is programmable from zero through maximum current range setting with nine-bit resolution. Additional five-bit offset adjust is also provided. The output voltage range is set via load resistance at output. An on-chip load resistance of 600K is available.

Other features include hardware reset that clears internal registers, software programmable shutdown and retransmission of serial bus signals for multiple device usage. Logic inputs and outputs are TTL/CMOS-compatible. Applications include level translation, microelectromechanical drivers, intelligent power controllers, optical controllers, lighting controls and piezoelectric transducer drivers, as well as automotive, medical, commercial and industrial applications.

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