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New PasteurDisk temperature monitor from Alfa-Tek

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PasteurDisk is a direct relative of the SterilDisk project. The growing requirement for a data logger that can withstand high temperatures, even though not as high as those catered for by SterilDisk, for prolonged period, has led to the development of this new data logger.

PasteurDisk, targeted for pasteurisation processes, is physically identical to the SterilDisk, however it may read temperatures up to 100oC.

Similar to SterilDisk it is manufactured with food compatible materials (AISI3116 steel, isolating parts in resin) materials that do not deform at high temperatures and guarantee the device remains water resistant.

PasteurDisk’s main application is for the food industry, specifically pasteurisation processes.

This device, as for SterilDish, may be equipped with an external probe that may be inserted in jars with tight necks, and maybe be screwed on for an optimal seal and stability. The probe is 7cms long, also in food and drink compatible material.

The software that manages the SterilDisk and the PasteurDisk is easy to operate, as with all Tecnosoft software programs, but at the same time offers a number of options making it versatile and complete.

The program is used to start missions and download data from the data loggers.

Once the data is downloaded from the device they may be viewed in graphical or tabular format such that the temperature profile followed by the process being monitored is immediately clear.

PasteurDisk is available from Alfa-Tek.

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