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Metor releases Mission Manager VI. 0

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Metor specialises in Thermochron data-logging software and one wire network development. To suit market demands, Metor offers software with accurate reporting for Thermochron temperature devises. Mission Manager VI. 0 has now been released, with a range of features to track temperatures, print graphs, and export data to acrobat PDF or microsoft excel. 

With such a diverse range of applications to track temperatures, Mission Manager VI. 0 reporting package software could be an essential tool. All food and any perishable items can be accurately tracked and certified with a report for future reference.

Software can be installed quickly and easily, once installed one simply clicks thermocron IButtons into the USB adaptor and its up and running. The standard package supports iButtons ranging in temperature from -40 to + 85 Deg C.

Other model thermochrons will be added as new versions are released. From transportation of perishable goods or any industry that uses temperature in their process, applications for Metor’s report based temperature data-logging system are endless.

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