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MP8011A gang programming system, in combination with a standard personal computer, is a full featured, high-performance multiple (gang) programming system specific for EPROM-, EEPROM- and FLASH-based microcontrollers. MP8011A supports the concurrent programming of up to eight devices; different device packages can be accommodated through DIP, SDIP, SOIC, PLCC and QFP adapters.

MP8011A is a PC-hosted programmer: it communicates with the host PC through the LPT parallel port. The MP8011A hardware has two separate sections: a single, universal and upgradeable base unit, ready to support current and future devices, and a number of device-specific programming heads.

Blank checking, reading, erasing, programming and verifying operations are supported. MP8011A is ready to support future devices. The upgrade operation for the support of new devices is as simple as downloading new releases of the PC software, always available from SofTec Microsystems' web site, and eventually changing the device-specific programming heads.
The modular approach (a general-purpose base unit and dedicated programming heads) represents a tradeoff between cost and reliability, since it allows users to replace damaged heads at a minimum cost. MP8011A can be operated with a single push-button, the PC being only used to preset essential parameters like device, input file, and device options. The MP8011A standard delivery package consists in the main gang programmer unit, external power supply adapter, parallel cable and user's guide. Programming heads can be chosen among the many possible packages to fit user's requirements.

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