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ITMPC5516 target board available from Alfa-Tek

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iSYSTEM’s ITMPC5516 target board is an evaluation and development system for the Freescale MPC5516 microcontroller.

The ITMPC5516 package consists of a board populated with the Freescale MPC5516 CPU, JTAG and Nexus debug connectors, as well as two serial interfaces and an on-board integrated iSYSTEM debugger.

It ships with a power supply, USB cable and limited winIDEA IDE/debugger software (32kbyte download limit 3 month after activation with an upgrade option) as well as a full free GNU C compiler for MPC and sample applications.

A simple jumper selects whether the on-board iSYSTEM USB-JTAG debugger is used or an external debug tool is connected via JTAG or the Nexus interface.

The latter enables the user to have full on-chip Nexus trace access. A trace is the basis for professional testing and the detection of major defects and bugs.

Program execution and time steps are recorded and displayed by a trace debug system.

Profiling and code coverage analysis are additional capabilities enabled by such a Nexus trace.

The ITMPC5516 target board is available from Alfa-Tek .

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