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FlashFX Pro flash media manager from Alfa-Tek

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FlashFX Pro is a high performance, multi-threaded flash media manager for devices using resident flash memory for mass storage. In addition to standard flash media manager, FlashFX Pro features such as bad block management, wear-leveling, and fault-tolerance, FlashFX Pro uniquely supports an extensive library of innovative flash technologies, speeding integration and time-to-market for device manufactures.

High performance:

Many devices, ranging from consumer electronics to medical devices, support streaming video or audio applications and information must be read from non-volatile storage without delays. Because of its multi-threaded design, FlashFX Pro is able to offer low read latency in multimedia and other applications. FlashFX Pro also supports common NAND Controllers, which can increase overall device performance through hardware ECC, flash power management, and data caching.

Highly reliable:

FlashFX Pro ensures dish integrity by keeping disk structures intact at the block device driver level even during a system crash or a power interruption. With its patented bad bock management for NAND, Flash FX Pro audits flash sectors for memory region failures and provides insurance that data is only written to usable areas of the flash. Unlike other industry wear-leveling solutions, FlashFX Pro keeps explicit track of the erase counts, resulting in longer flash life and lowering warranty costs.

Features and benefits:

  • Reliability: Guaranteed atomic sector writes; sectors are either fully written or not touched if a power interruption occurs.
  • High performance: Hardware ECCs and 2KB page operations can be enabled with support for common NAND controllers.
  • Lower warranty Costs: Wear-leveling and patented bad block management extends flash life.
  • Design flexibility: Use varying types of flash (NAND,NOR, and MLC NOR) in the device. Custom configure multiple partitions.
  • Faster time-to-market: Pre-written Flash Interface Modules (FIM) and NAND Technology Modules (NTM) for over 200 state-of-the-art-flash parts. Drop-in supports is available of wind river VxWorks, Mentor Graphics Nucleus plus, Microsoft Windows CE, and Express Logic ThreadX; an RTOS porting kit is available for the 32-bit OS as per choice.

FlashFX Pro flash media manager is available from Alfa-Tek .

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