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Corelis introduces PCI Express controller card

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CORELIS Inc., a leading supplier of high-performance boundary-scan and emulation tools, has released a new PCI Express based boundary-scan test and in-circuit programming controller card, available from Alfa-TekAustralia .

The PCIe-1149.1 offers board testing and in-system programming of CPLDs, FPGAs, and Flash memories approaching their full theoretical programming speed.

With its ability to deliver test vectors at a sustained test clock (TCK) frequency of 80 MHz, while simultaneously verifying results in hardware at each individual TAP, the PCIe-1149.1 is being offered as the premier solution for users whose applications demand the highest possible performance and scan vector throughput.

The PCIe-1149.1 JTAG controller ships with a ScanTAP-4 remote access pod that supports up to four TAPs. ScanTAP pods are also available that support 8 or 32 TAPs.

The flexible architecture provides for concurrent testing and programming with practically unlimited scalability. Multiple ScanTAP pods may be combined to support up to 16,000 target boards. The PCIe-1149.1 JTAG controller also supports analog voltage measurement up to 50V and direct programming of I2C and SPI devices.

Features include:

*Support for four JTAG, SPI or I2C ports

*Concurrent (gang) testing and in-system programming of CPLDs and Flash devices on 1-4 boards, expandable to 16,000

*On-the-fly hardware comparators individually verify scan data against expected results in parallel on all TAPs

*User programmable JTAG TCK speeds up to 80 MHz

*PCI Express interface supports high data transfer rates

Pre-power up test for shorts between power and ground lines on the UUT for each TAP

*TAP signals and GPIO discrete signals are individually programmable from 1.3V to 3.3V (5 volt tolerant)

*Direct Write signal for expediting Flash programming

*Support for monitoring Flash RDY/BUSY

*Up to 30 feet of extended distance from the PC to the Pod - no TAP extenders are needed

*Automatic signal delay compensation for long cable lengths to the UUT

The PCIe-1149.1 also includes 16 inputs and 16 outputs of programmable parallel I/O, has an analog voltage measurement of 50V, encompasses Plug and Play drivers for Windows 2000/XP, and is fully compatible with ScanPlus, ScanExpress, CodeRunner and CodeSymphony products.

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