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Alfa-Tek Australia presents a head-to-head comparison of Reliance v.2.1, FAT, and TFAT on Compact Flash

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Datalight Reliance from Alfa-Tek is the Choice for Reliability and Performance. Datalight Reliance is the premier file system choice for Windows CE devices that require guaranteed data integrity with high performance.

Reliance ensures 100% preservation of user data and metadata in the event of unexpected power failures through atomic transaction point events that are configured by the device designer based on each unique application.

Unlike TFAT, where file system reliability was a design afterthought achieved at the cost of performance, Reliance has been designed from the ground up using an architecture which provides steadfast reliability and read/write speeds equal to and greater than TFAT.

In addition to reliability and performance, Reliance brings a number of benefits to the Windows CE products it is designed into:

• Fast Boot Times o Since data integrity is always maintained by transaction points, no CHKDISK utility is necessary, even after unexpected power losses. Reliance will always boot in under one second, regardless of disk size.

• Design Flexibility o Since all transaction points are customizable, the balance between performance and reliability is within the control of the device designer. Transaction points can occur at regular timed intervals (e.g. every 30 seconds), at designated file system events (e.g. "file close" operations), or at manually specified points.

• Seamless integration with any block device driver o Reliance works with any block device driver, including RAM, DOC, SD/MMC, USB, and standard hard drive interfaces. When paired with Datalight FlashFX™ Pro, the intelligent flash media manager and block device driver for flash memory, embedded engineers – from consumer mobile devices to industrial applications – that choose Reliance achieve the highest quality fault-tolerance and performance for their products.

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