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Manual handling training by AlertForce

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Manual handling training from AlertForce provides workers with the knowledge required to prevent injuries at work. Those jobs involving manual handling may need to complete a manual handling training certificate. This manual handling course covers information about the spine and why it is put at risk by some movements and some jobs.

A healthy spine is S-shaped with three natural curves. It requires strong and flexible muscles in the back, leg and abdomen in order to maintain good alignment. When the back is bent, the weight of the upper body alone puts extra pressure on the lower discs in the spine.

Back injuries can happen when soft tissue suffers severe strains or discs are ruptured. Everything that workers pick up transfers weight to the spinal column down to the hips and legs. The hips and legs are much stronger than the spine.

Standing is a natural posture for the spine. The spine is not suited to carrying loads when the upper body is acutely bent or twisted. The manual handling certificate is a valuable tool for keeping workplaces safe.

Sometimes the person injured never fully recovers or requires a long period of rehabilitation. This manual handling training ensures that employees are able to manage the workplace risks confidently.

This manual handling training can be completed online.

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