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AlertForce Explains Importance of Load Restraint Training

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According to AlertForce , load restraint training is an important facet of any business operation as the consequences of incorrect (or absent) load restraint can result in injury or death.  

The security of the load is of vital importance. If the load moves or falls off the vehicle, it endangers the load itself and the lives of other road users.  

Alternatively, if the load moves forward it has the potential to kill the driver and endanger the lives of other road users if the driver loses control of the vehicle.  

Lack of load restraint training is a risk to the load, driver and other road users. The impact of incorrect load restraint practices is borne by more than just the driver or operator of the vehicle.  

Load restraint incidents can greatly cause inconvenience to other road users and in some cases even death.  

Correct load restraint practices and load restraint training can help avoid these consequences.  

Additionally, those involved with the carriage of the load including the driver, the owner/operator and company can have their reputations damaged by a load restraint incident. This may be in the form of financial penalties, prosecution or even the death of one of their members.  

Finally, load restraint incidents affect those who are involved with the consignment, purchase, resale and insurance of the load. They are equally concerned with the safe arrival of the load in order to provide it to the end user.  

There are also hidden costs to the community caused by traffic jams, injury or loss of life as well as loss of income and time.  

Load restraint training will also ensure that the business can avoid being penalised for load restraint incidents. Penalties can range from fines to even prosecution and jail sentences.

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