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Diesel Fuel Storage Transfer and Metering Solutions from Alemlube

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Alemlube's lockable diesel refuelling storage and dispensing tanks provide impressive transfer rates and as such, can help improve productivity. 

  • Flow rates of up to 50 L/min 
  • Heavy duty, robustly constructed polyethylene tank 
  • Built in nozzle holster 
  • Lockable lid aids diesel fuel security and protects dispensing kit components 
  • Unique user friendly design with lockable lid to aid fuel and dispensing kit security 
  • Dispensing kit consists of a 12V pump, antistatic fuel delivery hose, 2 metre battery  cables and auto nozzle
  • Forklift lift points and tie down capability
  • Suitable for storing and dispensing diesel fuel only

Capacity Flow Rate

  • L60040PA 600L 50 L/min
  • L65040PA 450L 50 L/min 
  • L45040PAM 450L 50 L/min with meter
  • L20040PAM 200L 50 L/min with meter
  • L20040PA 200L 50 L/min
  • L10040PAM 100L 50 L/min with meter
  • L10040PA 100L 50 L/min

52000A 12V Diesel Refuelling Tank Kit

  • Capable of flow rates of up to 50 L/min
  • Includes 4m of antistatic fuel delivery hose, 2m of battery cable, a stainless steel & brass fuel filter and an automatic nozzle
  • Maximum head capacity of 15m
  • Self priming rotary vane pump includes a built-in bypass
  • Duty cycle of 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off
  • Suction capacity of up to 2m

51037M Auto Shut-off Diesel Nozzle with Digital Meter

  • Automatically shuts off on back pressure
  • Digital meter with 5-digit current dispensed total - resettable
  • Flow rates of up to 60 L/min
  • 1" BSP swivel inlet & 19mm (3/4) outlet spout
  • Digital meter powered by 2 x AAA batteries & accurate to ±1%
  • Suitable for dispensing diesel fuel, petrol and kerosene

51090.20 240V Diesel Fuel Dispenser with Multi User Meter

  • Flow rates of up to 70 L/min
  • Preset dispensing possible
  • Accurate to ±0.5%
  • Can accept and record vehicle registration numbers and odometer readings
  • Facilitates fast and precise fuel dispensing by approved personnel only
  • Able to manage and operate with up to 50 users
  • Local memory capabilities of storing data for the last 200 deliveries
  • Ideal for fleet owners and transport companies

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