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Leading Australian supplier of lubrication equipmentAlemlube has developed two oil filtration systems designed to help service providers achieve the manufacturer’s required levels of oil cleanliness.
Oil cleanliness is a critical factor in ensuring that engines, gearboxes and drive-trains perform to expectation and achieve their maximum life. Many equipment manufacturers now require oil to be filtered to ISO cleanliness levels to maintain warranty coverage.
Alemlube’s new oil filtration systems include one for 205 L drums and another for 1,000 L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).
Key features:

  • Designed to deliver clean oil filtered to ISO 16/13 Cleanliness levels
  • Capable of recirculating oil in a closed loop
  • Maintains oil in clean condition prior to delivery to equipment
  • Operates with clean, dry air at 90psi
  • Suitable for use with a range of oil grades from SAE 10 hydraulic oil up to 85W-140 gear oil
Alemlube oil filtration drum trolleys
The 378702AA Alemlube oil filtration drum trolley is designed to allow easy loading of a full 205 L drum of oil into position.
Featuring large, solid castor wheels (two fixed and two swivel), the 378702AA trolley is easily manoeuvred over rough or uneven surfaces.
Key features:

  • Full bunding for the oil drum and all filtration and transfer equipment
  • Samoa 5:1 ratio oil stub pump with pick up tube and connections
  • Samoa oil hose reel with 10m x ½” hose and Samoa metered nozzle
  • Non-bypass filter head
  • Moisture absorbing drum breather
  • Thermal valve and ¼” air filter, regulator, lubricator and gauge
Alemlube portable IBC oil filtration kit
The Alemlube 454151AA portable IBC oil filtration kit can easily be adapted to an existing workshop piping and hose reel setup.
The kit can also be supplied with an optional Samoa 10m x ½” oil hose reel, Samoa metered oil nozzle and Samoa IBC top mounting brackets for hose reel and nozzle for a standalone dispensing system.
Key features:

  • Samoa 5:1 ratio oil stub pump with pick up tube and connections, wall bracket
  • Non-bypass filter head
  • IBC lid with two ports for moisture absorbing breather and circulation hose
  • Thermal valve, ¼” air filter, regulator, lubricator and gauge

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