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Alemlube installs Beka-Max lube system on John Deere 7760 cotton picker

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article image Alemlube Beka-Max lube system installed on the John Deere 7760 cotton picker
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Alemlube  has installed an automated greasing system on a John Deere cotton picker at a cotton farm near Moree, NSW.
Cotton harvesting, like many other harvesting activities is done in a big rush as it is important to get the crop off the fields as quickly as possible to maximise yield and prevent water damage. Since the harvesting equipment is operated almost 24 hours, there is very little time to grease the machine.
An automated greasing system therefore provides the best solution to avoid potential downtime from breakdowns of the harvesting equipment.
Alemlube recently completed the installation of a Beka-Max central grease lubrication system on a John Deere 7760 cotton picker at the NSW cotton farm. The 7760 can harvest non-stop, providing on-the-go packaging of seed cotton. The picked cotton is automatically wrapped in a special plastic, forming a secure, round bale, which is then dropped onto a rear handler shelf that can lower the bale to the ground at the end of the row.
Given its versatile functions of harvesting as well as baling, the 7760 has more grease points than traditional harvesters. The cotton picker spindles are lubricated by the integrated John Deere system that is standard on the machine but does not cover the rear of the machine.
Alemlube installed a 33-point Beka-Max central grease lubrication system with a 4kg grease reservoir and 12v pump to service the rear axle, rockshaft and module building bearings.
Lubricating the bearings in a progressive sequence, the Beka-Max central grease lubrication system is capable of using any grade of grease up to NLGI Class 2. An electrically operated piston pump supplies lubricant to the main progressive distributor from where it is directed, in the correct ratio, to secondary progressive distributors, which in turn supply the correct ratio of lubricant to individual lubrication points. The electronic control unit controls the interval time and the pump run time.
The performance of the system is easily monitored by means of an inbuilt pressure relief valve in the pump element. If any lubrication point becomes blocked, back pressure will be built up in the system and will activate the pressure relief valve, alerting the operator to the blockage.

Alemlube has a dedicated team of lubrication system designers and installers around the country who can provide solutions for any lube system requirement for mobile equipment such as harvesters, excavators, trucks and trailers, through to fixed equipment and conveyors.

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