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Wide rage of calibrators from Alcotech Research Co

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Alcotech Research Co  provides different types of calibrators such as AR100C portable calibrator, AR200C wet bath equilibrator and AR210C metered air delivery system. The AR100C is a portable calibrator unit used for the automatic calibration of the AR1005 hand-held breath analyser.

This AR100C portable calibrator from Alcotech Research Co is a user friendly that allows for automatic sampling and fast recalibration in less than two minutes. It is available in a compact size that is also easy for operation in remote location. The AR100C can calibrate a hand-held breath analyser in less than 2 minutes. It runs in a 220 - 240 Volts.

As for the AR200C calibrator, is a wet bath equilibrator. It is a professional equilibrator suitable for the calibration of evidential breath testing equipment and the AR1005 breath analyser. This AR200C can be is used for the calibration of breath alcohol detection equipment, specifically hand-held and evidential units. It also has an adjustable airflow rates and microprocessor circuitry combine to assist the level of calibration accuracy. Alcotech Research Co also provides AR210C an air distribution system. It can provide split air delivery in simplifying and improving the speed of recalibration. This AR210 C can be used along with AR200C equilibrator for the calibration of breath. At Alcotech Research Co customers can also find various consumables like saliva traps, certified calibration fluid, mouthpieces and uncertified calibration fluid.

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