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Fuel cells and saliva testers from Alcotech Research Co

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Alcotech Research Co  provides quality fuel cells an electrochemical device and different types of saliva testers with various specifications. The fuel cell provided by Alcotech Research Co is an electrochemical device highly sensitive to ethanol. These fuel cells ca be used at a temperature range of 0 to 45 degree Celsius. It can be stored at -10 to 50 degree Celsius. The output voltage depends on the sensitivity, ideally it would be 3mV.

As fro the saliva testers, there are different types of testers available at Alcotech Research Co including QED a disposable saliva tester, Oralstat etc. The QED saliva alcohol tester can be used to give an accurate screen in place of blood tests or breathe tests. It can also provide quantitative results in minutes and provides another method of verification. It reads like a thermometer and can be used as an accurate screener.

The features of this QED saliva alcohol tester from Alcotech Research Co are as follows, it neither does nor need any instrumentation or calibration and it reads like a thermometer. The QED is a disposable saliva alcohol tester.  Oralstat saliva drug test utilises colloidal gold technology for superior sensitivity and accuracy. It can be sued as an oral fluid tester for drug abuse cases. The drugs tested by oralstat saliva drug include AMP, BZO, COC, MTD, METH/MDMA, OPI, PCP, and THC.

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