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Dangerous goods solutions from Alberfield Pty Ltd

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Alberfield Pty Ltd  has added a Dangerous Goods specialist to their team, enabling the company to offer a comprehensive range of dangerous goods solutions.

The new Dangerous Goods speciality is in addition to Alberfield Risk’s other major services in HAZOP, Risk Assessment, Functional Safety (SIL) and Hazardous Area Classification (HAC).

Alberfield’s range of dangerous goods solutions: 

  • Site licencing applications for dangerous goods storage and handling, processing and pipelines
  • Design, drawings and technical specifications for specialised storage and handling systems, including pipelines
  • Technical writing for Procedure Manuals and Safety Management Systems
  • Site audits, gap analysis and recommendations for safe storage and handling of dangerous goods and hazardous substances
  • Risk assessments for establishing compliance with the Dangerous Goods and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, as well as applicable Australian Standards
  • Risk assessments based on hazard identification (HAZIDs) and hazard and operability studies (HAZOPs) for establishing a level of safety, which is As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)
  • Risk assessments based on Layer or Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) determinations
  • Determination of hazardous areas associated with storage, process and pipeline systems
  • Emergency response planning
  • Fire-fighting strategies and fire water requirements, whilst providing environmental protection from potentially contaminated fire water

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