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Security alarm systems for commercial and industrial sectors from AlarmLogic

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AlarmLogic  provides reliable security alarm system ideal for commercial and industrial sectors. These security alarm systems are expandable from eight zones to over thousand zones. The alarm systems provided by AlarmLogic have integrated access control for doors and gates.

These security alarm systems are compatible with securitel and GSM networks. AlarmLogic provides a wide range of intruder detection equipment including the following security systems such as outdoor beams and movement sensors, passive infra-red sensors, glass break sensors, pulsed photo-electric beams, smoke and heat sensors, digital video recorders, access control systems etc.

AlarmLogic is an independent South Australian owned business, established in 1991. AlarmLogic also provides dual technology sensors with microwave and passive infra red facility as a security system, a comprehensive range of spreadnet wireless detectors, safe and vault detection devices, adpro insight system, adpro fastscan system, central station monitored video transmission systems for both industrial and commercial applications.

AlarmLogic can install all the above mentioned security alarm systems according to customer specifications. A full range of hold-up and duress activation devices are also available at AlarmLogic.  AlarmLogic provides on-site closed circuit television systems, outdoor housings and mounts, auto-iris fixed and zoom lenses pan and tilt heads, access control systems, monitors and multiplexer video cassette recorders for commercial and industrial security application.

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