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New bin washer at FoodPro 2002

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AKRO-Pak Packaging Machinery will display the Washco International bin washer at FoodPro 2002. Designed and manufactured in Australia, this new washer is the latest development for washing returnable plastic crates, used predominantly in fruit and vegetables processing.

Noting the popular use of bulk bins (sometimes called mega bins) in fruit picking and vegetable processing, Akro-Pak designed the washer to fill a gap in the market place, producing a machine able to thoroughly wash all surfaces of the bins.

The machine is PLC controlled, able to hot wash, rinse, and sanitise. The design is intentionally simple, featuring a stainless steel and laminated glass construction enabling robustness and good visibility.

The Washco International bin washer will be demonstated at FoodPro as part of a the ‘Food Handling: The Future is Now’ display, a fully automated, operational, simulation of the food handling end of a production line.

FoodPro 2002, the Southern Hemisphere's largest and most commerically influential food processing trade exhibition, will be held at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre from July 21-24.

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